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As of January 1, 2018 we are forced to raise our prices. 
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House Mix Shake

Looking for some nice shake? We mix our indoor bud shake together for a great mix. No trim or leaf just untouched jar shake.

Full Oz : 50 

Currently out of stock

Full Melt Bubble Hash

Old School Style

1 Gram 10 each

Small Popcorn Bud

We gather all the small buds from all the strains for this potpourri of flavors. Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa will be found mixed here is this budget of a deal!

Full Oz : 100

Limited supply available



As the science of medical cannabis develops, we’re discovering more and more that breeding cannabis for different levels of medicinal compounds—known as cannabinoids—makes the medicine better for treating specific ailments. Growers and testers are hard at work tailoring their strains to be maximally effective for treating cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and more. But what are the cannabinoids they’re looking at, and what do they do? Let’s explore that question.

Scientists have identified 483 different chemical compounds in cannabis.  For the vast majority of these, the medicinal effect is not yet known. Most research focuses on just a few of these compounds and their effect on the brain.




Bubble Gum

Sativa Hybrid

Here is said to be a Sativa. She packs a hit that feel Indica, but Sativa will keep you alert and going. 

Quarters : 80

Half Oz : 140

Full Oz : 240

Cherry Pie


Here is a Sativa with a great taste. you will get where you want to be and stay alert.

Quarters : 80

Half Oz : 140

Full Oz : 240



This charmer will grab the back of your nose as you experience a flow over your body. Ready for some relief and want to function, here is your gal.

Quarters : 80

Half Oz : 140

Full Oz : 240



Take a hit of this Gal and she will hit you in the back of your nose! The  nose will grab you as the lemon scent takes your attention. This is the day Sativa you are looking for. The nugs are a nice size and ready to be enjoyed.

Quarters : 80

Half Oz : 140

Full Oz : 240


Grand Daddy Purple


This is a great tasting Indica that will leave a flavor you'll love for your days. There is enough Sativa that makes this a great day Indica. 

Quarter : 80

Half Oz : 140

Full Oz : 240

Jilly Bean

Mendo Breath

Indica Hybrid

Here is a nice Hybrid that is very Indica with enough Sativa to keep you happy.

Breath in the nose and you will want a snap. The snap will warm you chest and leave a burn in your nose.

Quarters : 80

Half Oz : 140

Full Oz : 240

Mr. Nice Guy


Here is a stronger Indica, great for evenings, bedtime, or when you want something stronger for  your needs. 

Quarters: 80

Half Oz : 140

Full Oz : 240

Sour OG

An old favorite waiting for you! This batch will put you to sleep if you smoke to  much. A few hit and you're good. 




KeyLime Pie

Purple Urkle



As seen on

Rips Genetics Craft Grower 

Seeds Available

Clones Available

1   pack:   50  = 6 seeds

3 packs:  100  = 18 seeds  (Mix n' Match)

Clones, Teens, Mothers/Flower Ready

Call 858-208-6308



Greentree is an incorporated CA Not-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation organized under the Consumer Cooperative Corporation Law of California in full compliance with the California Attorney General's guidelines, California Proposition 215 and the California Senate Bill 420.  Operating with the goal of providing a central location, where patients who have excess medicine will be able to supply patients who are in need of medicine. In strict compliance with the California health and safety code section 11362.5 (B)(1)(A) & 11362.7(H) proposition 215 & senate 420. The structure is democratic and decisions are made by a quorum of members. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or Terms of Conditions please email us at or text 858.208.6308.  

We are an organic company. We believes in saving our ozone layer, and not polluting our bodies, or earth with chemicals. 

If your looking for medicine that has been treated with Co2 gas, or chemically enriched, sorry this is not the place for you. 

We only grow organically.

We are a group of old school growers who have gotten together to provide top quality medicinal marijuana strains, that have high CBD's and CBN's. As well as, high THC content to provide the best medicine available. 80% of all our strains are grown indoor, under lights, in our own mix of soil, and compost.  With a drip system, all our harvests are flushed a minimum of 7 days and cured to perfection. Just one look will tell you these meds are the real deal, with a medley of smells, flavors, looks, strains, and effects.

We are a legal medicinal marijuana delivery service est. 2011. We are licensed and pay taxes. We give back to the community through donations to our senior centers and displaced family communities, as well as, medical donations to help the fight against cancer. Every delivery we make helps to find a cure.